In Unity, we believe that each individual is an expression of God, and that our purpose in life is to express our divine potential. Volunteering, or what we call "Sacred Service," is a powerful way to tap into and express this divine potential.

Recognizing that Sacred Service can be a vital path to spiritual awakening, we at Columbine support our community by offering and facilitating a variety of ways for you to put your love in action. Our Volunteer Teams offer you the opportunity to play a vital role in the ministry, operation, and care of our Spiritual Center. Commitments vary from a few hours a week, to just a few hours a month.

In addition to our ongoing volunteer teams, you can also serve by participating in the many charities and fundraisers Columbine supports to address needs in our local, regional and global community. Whether you put your love into action here at Columbine Unity or elsewhere in your community, you will experience a deepening of your spiritual life.

Spiritual Gifts Workshop

Whether you're new to Columbine Spiritual Center, or have been a long time friend, the Spiritual Gifts Workshop* is an opportunity for you to discover your hidden spiritual gifts and talents that you may not be aware you have.

Please join us for this fast paced, fun filled workshop where you will meet others in your community and connect with the Divine within you.

The workshop consists of community time, survey of spiritual gifts, and discussion of how you can use your gifts to support CSC and deepen your connection with Spirit. The workshop is offered every Spring and Fall. Check the calendar for the dates of the next workshop.  

* This workshop is required for anyone wishing to become a member at Unity Columbine Spiritual Center.

Our Volunteer Teams

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Community Table Team
Grocery Script Team
Hospitality Team
Landscaping Team
Music Team 
Sound Team 
Technology Team
Visual Team
Welcome Team
Youth & Family Ministry Team

"Giving carries immeasurable benefits with it, for it loosens us from the personal life, unifies us with the universal, and so opens our inner and outer life to the grace of God." 
-- Charles Fillmore