Uniteen Snowshoe Trip

Uniteen Snowshoe Trip

Uniteens: Grades 6-8

11am Sundays

Uniteens is about having fun while exploring Unity's beliefs. Teens and pre-teens discover and express deeper aspects of their spiritual nature while learning more about themselves and one another.  These 6th, 7th & 8th graders, through informal sharing and structured lessons, develop spiritually, emotionally and socially. A spring weekend retreat deepens their connections with each other and their sponsors fostering life-long friendships.  Uniteens assist with service projects, fund-raising, and church events, in addition to organizing social activities.

Coming of Age Program: Grade 8

8th graders can choose to participate in the Coming of Age program:

  • To know oneself as a whole.

  • To know oneself as part of a greater whole.

  • To be recognized by the community.

Students and their mentors visit other places of worship, interview CSC congregants and others about their spiritual journey, volunteer service, and present their evolving spiritual credo before graduating to our Y.O.U. program.

Christopher Kranz, Director of Youth Education