A Great Way to Give

Columbine Unity's grocery scrip fundraising program has earned our church nearly $2,000 in each of the last two years. A simple way to earn money for the church, we buy gift cards from local grocery stores at a five percent discount, and then sell them to you at face value.

King Soopers

This does not require you to spend extra money. You simply purchase your card at church and then use it in the store as you would any gift card. Convert your money into a gift card which facilitates a donation from the grocery store to Columbine Unity. The more money you convert to scrip, the more the store donates.

Vitamin Cottge

You can purchase scrip for King Soopers, Vitamin Cottage, Safeway, and Sprouts. Most stores carry a fifty dollar denomination, except for Safeway which is offered in a ten dollar denomination.  Both King Soopers and Safeway cards are reloadable, meaning you can reload them directly at the store and we get a check from the store for 5% of whatever you load on it.

People often ask about Whole Foods, Albertson's, Wal-Mart, and Costco, but they only offer a one percent discount, and we don't do enough volume to make it worthwhile.

How to Purchase or Help Sell

The cards are sold after each service as you enter Foss Hall.
Selling these cards is easy and fun and involves only an hour once or twice a month.  
Please contact Rodger Peabody: ka0voy@q.com or 303-482-7950 if you are interested.