We joyously offer high quality, uplifting, soul-stirring and heart-opening music in support of Sunday services and other commUnity celebrations and events and welcome all those with the desire and willingness to commit to join us in serving and sharing their musical gifts! At present, our program includes more than 40 members and we encourage any and all new or current Columbine folks to join us!

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Opportunities available to all who attend Columbine Unity:

Columbine Choir: Columbine Choir is a non-auditioned choir for people ages 16-100! No experience necessary- just a love of singing and making beautiful music in a choral setting, plus a commitment to improving vocal skills and habits. We draw from a variety of styles and musical genres and perform several times throughout the year, including Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday.

VOCE (Voices of Columbine Ensemble): This is an auditioned group of experienced singers, drawn from the Choir program, and scheduled to provide Special Music several times each year. Given the advanced level of vocal arrangements we sing, members are expected to be strong sight readers or excellent musicians.

One Achord Singers/Band: One Achord is an auditioned team of committed singers who help to lead the congregational singing each week, create and sing harmony parts, provide background vocals for Guest Artists, have excellent stage presence and microphone technique and are able to sing at both services- 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.-- at least once per month.

Rhythm Section Musicians: Our rhythm section, or “house band,” is comprised of professional musicians, some of which come from the Columbine congregation and others which are hired from outside. Piano, bass and drums make up our core rhythm section, with guitar, horns or hand percussion added on occasion.

Special Music Solos and Ensembles: In additional to the Choir, VOCE and One Achord, we feature a number of vocalists and musicians from the Columbine Music Program each month as our “in house” Special Music artists. These include groups such as Spirit Rising and Luminescence, as well as other solos, duets, trios and more. These are of a high quality of performance and are auditioned for and scheduled throughout the year. 

Guest Artists: We also hire outside Guest Artists, usually singer-songwriters and recordings artists, 1-2 weeks each month. Our current roster includes Marcy Baruch, Jana Stanfield, Jan Garrett & JD Martin, Denise Rosier, Robert Anderson, Laura Evans, Lisa Bell, Leonard Barrett, Karen Karsh, Bettman & Halpin and Full Moon Eye, to name a few.

Feel free to reach out anytime to Janis Kelly, our Musical Director, at

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” -Victor Hugo

Columbine Choir on Christmas Eve

Columbine Choir on Christmas Eve