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Youth Ministry

Columbine Spiritual Center is dedicated to the spiritual unfolding of our children. We recognize that our youth will be the spiritual leaders of tomorrow, and we are committed to their spiritual growth.

Knowing that spirituality is within all of us, needing only a welcoming environment for its conscious emergence, we encourage spiritual self-discovery. Our mission is to provide a loving, joy-filled environment that promotes spiritual development, emotional, physical and mental health, and positive self-esteem.

Our role as educators at Columbine is to nurture the spiritual essence of each child in whatever form it emerges. We create a structured environment for our young people to express themselves creatively as they work with Unity's principles.

In honoring our children and teens, we offer programs for all ages, from babies through high school. Age groups and school grades divide our classes so each of our youth receives a spiritual lesson that is appropriate to them.

The energy and joy of our children bring God's light into our community.

We Believe:

  • Children are whole, complete beings at all their ages and stages.
  • As teachers, we create a safe, loving place for our children as they explore their spirituality.
  • Learning is a natural, often joyful process that is unique in each of us.
  • All people, children and adults, no matter their age have equal value and deserve equal respect.

Christopher Kranz, Director of Youth and Family Education