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Columbine Unity Men’s Retreat 2023

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Many men were taught that we must be macho … or doormats; conquerors … or cogs in a machine; unemotional robots … or savages. How have patriarchy’s messages defined you, and how can you let go of the limitations or expectations that have kept you from your true Selfhood?


            This March 24-25, come join with a group of men who will be exploring what it means to claim our true strength, together. We will journey through our orphanhood, wanderings, warrior energy, and our power to heal ourselves and others. We’ll listen and look deep within, share stories, experience healing, and have fun.


            Our leader this year is author, spiritual director, and teacher Dr. Rick Diamond, who has led hundreds of life-changing courses, workshops, and retreats for men. You can find more information about him here –


            You are more beautiful, and more powerful, than you have been conditioned to believe. You belong. You are not alone. Come and discover yourself, as a man among men. We are stronger together.

Our leader this year is Rev. Dr. Rick Diamond, writer, illustrator, teacher, and spiritual director.

            After a decade as an award-winning Instructor of English and an educational consultant, Rick was ordained a United Methodist minister, earning a Doctor of Ministry from Drew University. He served for nine years as a pastor in mainline denominational churches, before becoming the founding pastor of the innovative, radically-inclusive Journey Imperfect Faith Community.

A highly sought-after teacher, Dr. Diamond has consulted with religious leaders across the US, spoken at regional and international conferences, and led scores of retreats, workshops, seminars, and classes for congregations, nonprofits, businesses, and denominations. He serves as adjunct faculty at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute and Austin Presbyterian Seminary.

He is the author of The Creative Writing Guide (1998) and Wrestling With God (2004); he has also published numerous articles and essays, and a long-running blog with thousands of readers. He is writing and illustrating a children's book, Prince Freddy and the Wild Man, exploring how the balance of feminine and masculine energies can help us all grow up well and heal the world.   

Dr. Diamond is a member of Spiritual Directors International and has worked as a Spiritual Director and mentor for hundreds of spiritual seekers.

Rick likes to fish, draw, and get into good trouble. He is married to Christina Wisdom and lives in Austin, Texas.

Ready to Connect With Other Men?

We are stronger together!

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