Music Program

Led by Janis Kelly, Music Director, Columbine’s music team provides inspiring, uplifting, and enlivening music in support of Sunday services and other commUnity events and offers a veritable smorgasbord of world-class musical experiences spanning genres, styles and eras.


From our award-winning New Thought and Positive Music guest artists to our all-star rhythm section to our amazing in-house soloists and ensembles, our music program is truly one-of-a-kind!

Janis Godspell welcome.jpg


Godspell Band
Stacey Rugenski
Rachel Harrison
Pete & Gay
Selasee Atiase
Rebecca Folsom
Seth & Josh Larson
Cast of Godspell
Laura Evans
Seth & Steve Larson
Janis Kelly
Robert Anderson
Steve Larson
Freyja Wild
Kevin McQueen
Amandla de Luz
Godspell Cast & Crew
Marcy Baruch
Leonard Barrett
Pete Jacobs
Bettman & Halpin
Steve Larson
Denise Rosier
LIsa Bell