Youth & Family

We Honor and Love Our Youth and Families!

They are our future and we strive to create an environment that allows them to know their divine essence, inner strength and power and to be compassionate leaders of tomorrow. Our Youth and Family program is currently under transition during the pandemic. Please hold with us this affirmation: “We know with faith all that is needed is here now to create an enlivened program for our youth and families of Columbine Spiritual Center.” 

Yoga class kids 2019.jpg

Teaching Videos

To learn how our inspirational messages are shared with your children, you can watch any of these beautiful teaching videos. Please share them with your children at your convenience. There were created by one of our Sunday school teachers, Mary Ann Lawler.

Family Fun!

Check out the fun had by all at our latest Trunk or Treat event, Halloween 2019, in this short video.

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